Binomial Coefficient Basics

Let's QUICKLY go over the basics of binomial coefficient.


A multiset (or bag) is a generalization of the concept of a set that, unlike a set, allows multiple instances of the multiset's elements.

Gradient Descent Essentials

Gradient descent essentials - interpretation, how to choose step size and more.

Signed Number Representation and Bitwise Operation

It has been 8 years since the first and last time I learned signed number representation. Almost forgot everything. Might be a good time to pick it up!

Strong Convexity and Their Four Equivalent Conditions

Strong convexity, and their three equivalent conditions.

Lipschitz Gradients and Their Three Equivalent Conditions

Lipschitz continuity, Lipschitz gradients, and their three equivalent conditions.

First-Order Optimality Condition

What is "First-Order Optimality Condition"